Montreal ToyCon 2017 Convention, Toys, Sci-Fi, Anime and Comic Book Show
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Make sure to bring your camera when you attend the Montreal Toy Con, because you won't want to miss the chance to get your photo with some of the best costume work around! In attendance, we'll have...

Stormtrooper, Men In Black, Shocktrooper, Moria Orc from Lord of the Rings, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Star Trek, Master Chief from Halo, Darth Vader, Clonetrooper, Padmé, AVP Predator, Jango Fett, S.T.A.R.S. from Resident evil, Commander Bacara from Star Wars

All costumed guests are tentative and may change. � Drop by and have your picture taken with them.

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The Canadian Garrison (501st) is part of the world's premier Imperial Star Wars costuming fan club. Our stormtroopers, Sith lords, bounty hunters and royal guards are among the 4000+ members of a larger organisation known as the Fighting 501st which spans over twenty countries. If you have a calling to the Dark Side, you'll feel right at home here!

Despite our intimidating image, the is always eager to volunteer in community events -- after all, they give us a chance to have fun in costume! Since our formation in 1999, we have had the opportunity to be part of numerous charity events, fundraisers, movie premieres, parades, promotional events, and conventions.