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QuéLUG, c'est pour "Quebec LEGO® Users Group". C'est une association qui vise � rassembler les amateurs québécois de la brique LEGO.

C'est aussi un site web ouvert � tous, petit ou� grand,� mordu ou� curieux d'un jour, pour discuter de LEGO.

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Like LEGO? If the answer is yes, you probably still don't like it as much as these guys. QuéLUG (Quebec LEGO Users Group) is going to be at the Toy Con with thousands of the little building blocks showing off the fruit of their labours: some of the most amazing LEGO work you're likely to see. From houses to robots, vehicles to busts, these guys do everything and their display is sure to blow you away. They also
customize those little LEGO figures we all know and love, so be sure to see if your favourite character is among them! Definitely a must-see for attendees.